new business team intern

      xpanded Jukely on Northwestern Campus by creating digital content, and dispersing it through different social media outlets. I also partnered with a number of organizations to integrate Jukely into events, which featured both local and Chicago acts. 

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Most recent event included WNUR's Slugfest, put on by the radio station, in which Jukely featured its own booth. 

Live Events

The event was a huge success for the NU community, both as a small festival for the benefit of students, and as a conduit for Jukely, which distributed free discounts, gear, and improved their reach. A number of photographs from the event are visible 

An excited group from the WNUR and general community explore the warehouse. We featured many acts throughout the day, including full bands, experimental artists, and DJs.

The Crowd Enters

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A hungry group waits in line to explore the free gear during the festivities.

Jukely Giveaways

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The dynamic duo play an analog sequencer set to start off the night, giving "pushing your buttons" a whole new meaning...

Going Analog

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Our resident DJ, The Guru, plays a shoeless set and gets everyone's feet moving.

The Shoeless Set

Signup and general information for Jukely was provided alongside the giveaways for a swift and manageable means of learning about the company and joining.


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Our incoming Music Director lounges next to the remains of the Jukely booth as the night draws to a close.

The Aftermath