rogue agency

booking intern


        ssisted Booking Agent Ricky Serrano on a number of projects while at Rogue's Chicago office. Some examples include researching potential venues across the US, in line with artists on the roster and the demographic they attract, as well as overseeing contract communication and the process of generating deals

I worked in conjunction with Rogue and WNUR for the annual WNUR 89.3FM Stage at Northwestern's Dillo Day. Dillo Day is the largest student run festival in the country, with an average turnout of over 12,000 attendees. WNUR proudly supports local and underrepresented acts as one of the stages present. 

"[We are] a full-service music agency based out of Chicago representing artists, labels, festivals and more." - ROGUE

Through Rogue our team worked with Ricky to secure upcoming female rapper Chynna, as well as Ballroom Legend Mike Q.


The Exceptional WNUR Lineup from DILLO DAY (Chynna and Mike Q are Top Left and Top Center)